Ambiance Pro Genesis child theme

review of the ambiance pro child theme

It’s way too easy to add lots of clutter to your WordPress website: sliders, parallax effects, moving images and sidebars bursting at the seams with social media icons and call to action widgets.

Unfortunately the thing that often gets lost in all that clutter, is your message.

The Ambiance Pro theme gets back to basics by removing the clutter and putting your message back at centre stage where it belongs.

The homepage of Ambiance Pro has a menu, a welcome message, a simple display of your featured images with overlaid headlines, a skinny footer with your social media links… and nothing else.
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Firebug, Chrome Dev Tools and the Genesis Extender plugin

fabulous tools for finding and changing CSS

One of the things I love about Genesis child themes is that they look great straight out of the box. That means that you can have a site up and running in no time at all.

But even great looking themes usually need a bit of tweaking.

Maybe the text is too small or you don’t like the colour of the links or perhaps the blockquote doesn’t stand out enough. That’s when knowing a little CSS comes in handy to make those changes and add a few personal touches to your website.
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Centric Pro Genesis child theme

Review of Centric Pro Genesis child theme

The two most important things your homepage has to do are: capture your visitor’s attention… and keep it.

The Centric Pro theme has been designed to do exactly that, leaving you free to do the important bit… provide the message.

The gorgeous expanse of solid colour at the top of the homepage provides the perfect backdrop for you to display your message. Like sign writing in the sky it grabs your readers attention and then holds it with giant imagery and bold typography whilst directing them down the page with guided scrolling.

Centric Pro is the perfect antidote for short attention spans.
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